About Us

Here at Blue Box, we believe there’s a better way to achieve your health goals.

We are a team of highly trained pharmacists and medication experts who provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) services to help patients achieve better outcomes. Our service puts the patient at the center of everything we do.

Medication Therapy Management

We use the most up to date information to achieve better health outcomes. Medical knowledge evolves over time and Blue Box Pharmacists strive to ensure medication regimens are evidence-based and effective for patients.

We also incorporate principles of personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics.

Chronic Care Management

We help providers care for chronically ill patients between office visits. We work to identify and remove barriers that may impede a patient’s ability to manage their conditions and adhere to the care plan.

Since most chronic care conditions are managed with medication, you will find that our pharmacists are well positioned to engage patients consistently and effectively.

Founding Principles

Blue Box Wellness is a pharmacist led organization that focuses on adding value to processes and enhancing the patient experience. The foundation of our organizational philosophy is that effective partnerships will allow our health systems to access significant potential that is currently untapped.

We continuously strive to create working environments that allow our pharmacists to use their training to better serve patients and promote the success of our partners. This pursuit of something greater is a heavy lift that requires innovation, teamwork, and the belief that we are capable of better.

Our Principal Pharmacist, Kevin Herkenham, PharmD, MBA, is a recognized leader in the healthcare industry. He has worked in a variety of direct clinical patient care settings and government leadership roles and understands the forces that influence the sector. Dr. Herkenham provides novel insight and is an integral component to our goal of meaningful change.

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