Blue Box Wellness

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Why Us?

Blue Box Wellness is committed to developing productive relationships with patients and prescribers. We provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), and when applicable, personalized medicine and pharmacogenomic assessments to optimize drug selection.

What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM)?

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a personalized service designed to optimize health outcomes for individual patients.

Our mission is to help patients achieve better health outcomes using evidence-based approaches and cutting edge scientific knowledge and to ensure optimal treatment while reducing the risk of adverse events and drug interactions.

Our Solutions


Health Plans

We provide Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services to eligible beneficiaries in way that integrates principles of health coaching.


Physician Practices

We partner directly with practicing physicians to provide a comprehensive Medication Therapy Management (MTM) service or Chronic Care Management (CCM) for eligible patients.



We provide Medication Therapy Management Services directly to patients.

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